Enablement Expo: engaging learning tools with global guru Graham Cook

Enablement Expo: engaging learning tools with global guru Graham Cook
Event on 2013-04-08 09:00:00


Session schedule (six 1-hour individual sessions)


Morning Sessions

10:00 am Images of Organizations and Images of Resilience

In this session we will consider two metaphor-based tools and how they can be used to align people around a vision, and to explore different aspects of leadership behavior.


11:00 am Colorblind

In this session we will consider alignment, and how communications skills can be further developed, even within experienced leaders, to achieve challenging targets.


12:00 am Webmaster

In this session we will focus on enablement, how to lead teams to enable high performance in a task with which we are unfamiliar.


Afternoon Sessions

1:00 pm Mystery Object

Many individuals feel they cannot be ‘creative’, or don't have the intellectual tools to be innovative. This activity (from our Breakthrough Thinking Workshop) is designed to disprove both notions, and indicate how an innovation process can be built into any organization.


2:00 pm Challenging Assumptions & Seeing the Point

Innovation often requires us to 'unlearn' what we know, before looking to 'synthesize' various components to create something new. Whilst both are relatively simple concepts to explain, to practice such behaviors take more effort and these activities are designed to help people really understand both of these important innovation concepts, and deeply anchor that learning.


3:00 pm Minefield

This session uses a tool that considers alignment, how we learn from each other, and 'silos' that can emerge in many organizations, preventing innovation.

The Expo 

Today's Leaders are faced with a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world in which they operate – both now and in the predicted future – so if we can't predict the future operating landscape for our leaders how do we train and develop them to improve their leadership skills? The new Dean of Harvard Business School, Nitin Norya said in a recent blog "case studies are an effective tool, but they’re also limited, Students can only imagine how they’d solve a business problem…” It appears ‘book learning’ is not enough to make a business leader. To give MBA students a dose of real-world experience, HBS is introducing its biggest curriculum change in nearly 90 years. Students in their Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development program will engage in practice-oriented activities throughout the year.'

However an alternative to taking each leader for a year out of your business, is to engage in practice-oriented activities designed to build the skills and behaviors required to thrive in today's environment – RSVP Design are UK-based designers of such (experiential) practice-orientated activities which are supplied to not only Harvard Business School, but also to IMD (the world's top ranked Open MBA program) and other organizations across the world.

During this program, we will introduce the following activities, allowing you to experience them, then provide guidance on how to both debrief individual activities and build them into comprehensive, engaging and effective development programs.


RSVP Design

RSVP Design are designers, publishers and facilitators of a wide range of activity based learning tools, experiential learning programmes, and trainer training workshops.

RSVP Design specialise in activity based learning design: creating relevant, versatile and practical experiential learning activities, team-building games, conference activities, brain based learning activities, practice fields and behavioural simulations that are sophisticated enough to generate high quality discussion and to refine, rehearse and develop key individual and organisational skills.

RSVP Design provides a professional activity based training support service to anyone who is involved in learning and development: trainers, facilitators, organisational development specialists, operational managers, coaches and business consultants.


Workforce Equanimity

Workforce Equanimity (WE) is a Sacramento Area based organizational learning consultancy that specializes in Employee Enablement strategies and Mindful Workplace workshops. WE are excited to bring the world's most effective learning tools to a local stage and extend the already stellar value of businesses in the region.

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