Endemic corruption ending the EPRDF rule? Robele Ababya

Endemic corruption ending the EPRDF rule? Robele Ababya
The news broke on television stations as a “Muslim cleric, Islamic scholar Tahir-ul-Qadri, addressed tens of thousands of protesters who have massed on the capital city for an extended sit-in to protest against corruption and electoral malpractice by …
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Top New Plant Species of Last Year (and the Hottest Job of the Future)
Unlike microbes, they aren't invisible without the aid of a lens. Yet, a quick search using Google Scholar would tell you that more than 150 new plant species were published in academic journals in 2012. I assume that the true number is a bit greater …
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US scholar urges dramatic rethink on Taiwan
WASHINGTON — With Beijing growing in strength, a US scholar is calling for a major rethink on Taiwan in which the island would cut its troop numbers in half and rebrand its army as a self-defense force. The proposal marks a rare break from the …
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