Endless Love

With the single-minded passion of young, first love, 17-year-old David and Jade are totally consumed by their feelings for each other. As Jade and David’s relationship becomes more intense, however, it begins to take its toll on the 15-year-old high school girl.

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16 Responses to Endless Love

  1. brumairenicole says:

    I love to read the comment before I watch the movie 3 3

  2. Kirsten Wade says:

    luckily she did

  3. Kirsten Wade says:

    when your young you dont see clearly

  4. Kirsten Wade says:

    this happens everyday

  5. Melissa Piotrowski says:

    And did you catch that the son played by ‘James Spader’ had his girlfriend over when the fire broke out??

  6. Melissa Piotrowski says:

    No David did not kill the father! The father was somewhat controlling! And yes Jade does go back to David! Love this movie, remember your first love in high school

  7. Melissa Piotrowski says:

    David just got desperate!

  8. olive21740 says:

    a good movie its hard to find a love like that made cry

  9. Krizpe Cream says:

    Good movie!!!

  10. Pili Moczo says:

    This movie is just…wow…

  11. belladonna1999 says:

    I’ve seen the movie a few times since it came out and although it was good enough, the book was much better. still love it though.

  12. itsonlyraining says:

    This movies stupid!!

  13. Robyn Carter says:

    He didnt kill hiz father it waznt David’z fault hiz father ran in the street without looking both wayz! …..I hate the ending… did they stay together or not? What the Fudge??

  14. wayo36 says:

    i swear ive seen this movie at least 50 times and i cry every time.

  15. Angelique Moreno says:

    love this movie so much

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