[ENG] Answer Me, 1997 – Behind the Scenes (Seo In Gook & Jung Eun Ji)

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to [ENG] Answer Me, 1997 – Behind the Scenes (Seo In Gook & Jung Eun Ji)

  1. creamynescafe says:

    In Guk seems to really like EunJi..

  2. zee jim says:

    i’m not a korean but they did spoke in busan accent :)

  3. 100sunbeams says:

    Could any Korean speaker tell me if they’re speaking in a Busan accent here or not?

  4. michael angelo mandalejo says:

    love the story, i watch episode all over again

  5. Reach701 says:

    I watched this show on viki.com.I’m impressed, the storyline is pretty good

  6. Virgilio REGUDO JR. says:

    where can i find the complete episode for this korean drama downloadable or in dvd …tks

  7. killjadeskye says:

    Is it just me or EunJi dropped speech formality with In-guk? They must be really close..

  8. dreamingrainbow3198 says:

    they are soo cutee <3 <3

  9. Yannch0428 says:

    kinikilig ako hahaha

  10. Echa Leeyana says:

    if only eunji let ingok finish his confession…..maybe we will get another dating artist couple….

  11. Yeppopo SonElf says:

    Eunji and Seo In Guk is the best couple ever :*

  12. JohannaValeriah says:

    aww love this couple <3

  13. Gurltheebest says:

    Banana Good LOL

  14. KathleenKateMuzic says:

    Their closeness is natural on Reply 1997 lol xD I just just notice that the ‘real’ and ‘on-cam’ closeness of them are just the same x)

  15. LovesRaguSauce says:


  16. tehevonne says:


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