[ENG SUB] 101014 Shim Shim Tapa – SHINee’s Ranking Chart Part 2/2

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19 Responses to [ENG SUB] 101014 Shim Shim Tapa – SHINee’s Ranking Chart Part 2/2

  1. RonnieJC88 says:

    If you think about it.. A lot of us wants to go to Korea someday to study (I do) May be, may be one of us is really gonna be Key’s or Taemin’s or Onew’s or Jonghyun’s wife..And if you do this video would make you cry someday Before I would choose Taemin or Onew, but now somehow I got trapped in Key’s speech too much.. I think any girl would be lucky being with any SHINee guy.., Jjong you were teasting fans right? lol

  2. RonnieJC88 says:

    yeah, that’s because he is funny unconsciously xD

  3. imafaimafaBOOM1234 says:

    LASCO! aigo thats so funny. I cracked up on the floor for an hour

  4. jemz26cute says:

    onew forever formal to his wife such a sweet loving husband to be lucky girl :)

  5. JBfeverfey says:

    I was imagining they were talking to me. i loved onew’s message the most ♥ cause he looked really serious. ONEW BE MINE !!!!!!!!

  6. iWoggle says:

    I bet Minho is watching this like, “Aww, I love you too Taeminnie ♥♥♥”

  7. nerdychic015 says:

    omg taemin speech was soadorable i wanna be his wife sigh… if i couldnt be a wife to any of the shinee members i would atleast wanna be a close friend.

  8. Cherryblossom1810 says:

    this should have a warning. if i was driving while listening to this i think i would of driven off the road when they said i love you wife.

  9. darkangel11421 says:

    7:06 awwwww keyyy!!!! especially the yeobo saranghae bit <3 <3

  10. msprelf says:


  11. msprelf says:

    althought im Taem’s bias, i want to marry Key right away……..!

  12. hannatotz1 says:

    aigoo, why is minho not here ? i want to hear what he has to say to me, i mean to his future wife hihi XD

  13. TheCharybdis23 says:

    I wanna marry Taemin 😀 But as a side note, if I married Jonghyun and we were childless, it wouldn’t be for lack of trying ;3

  14. LenaLove723 says:

    cute TaeMin~~<3<3 so innocent and funny! XD

  15. Frances Villanueva says:

    the word “lasco” is really funny. going to use it instead of using adjectives >:DDDDDD

  16. Frances Villanueva says:

    I would be very blessed if Onew will marry me. OH PLEASE, be it in a DREAM or so, i will be satisfied and pleased.

  17. daenew1 says:

    LOL Jisun nuna still keep in touch with Onew

  18. oyro83 says:

    why they speak in a bad way about the weight

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