19 Replies to “[ENG SUB] 130816 THEStar B.A.P Self-Ranking, ‘THEStar did wrong? Prepare to screen capture!’”

  1. LOL I have never seen a group who was more awkward with aegyo XD BTW, it’s like they’re split right down the middle. The moodmakers are sitting to the right and the stoic ones to the left LOL

  2. Everybody, we MUST vote for B.A.P! Follows these steps and VOTE YOUR ASS OFF. bapyessirfansite(.)com/2013/09­/bap-nominated-for-2013-mtv-eu­rope-award(.)html This is an a actual award at a huge event. We have tough competition, but we can’t give up. We have until November 8th to get B.A.P to the top. You should click rapidly on the button, ignoring the pop up notice (details in link) VOTE EVERYDAY, SHARE, CREATE INCOGNITO TABS, REPEAT, KEEP VOTING!!! B.A.P FIGHTING, BABYS FIGHTING!

  3. With Zelo Oppa’s cuteness, Yongguk Oppa’s passion, Jongup Oppa’s shyness, Daehyun Oppa’s looks, Himchan Oppa’s aegyo and Youngjae Oppa’s laughs, together they make B.A.P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ahahaha when they were tasting those cookies thingies i was like lol…. but then when it was youngjae’s turn i freakin busted out laughing like… that was totally unexpected XD

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