[ENG SUB] 130816 THEStar B.A.P Self-Ranking, ‘THEStar did wrong? Prepare to screen capture!’

[ENG SUB] 130816 THEStar B.A.P Self-Ranking, 'THEStar did wrong? Prepare to screen capture!'

Video credits: THEStar Subtitles brought to you by BAPsubbers, an international subbing team for B.A.P. No copyright infringement intended. BAPsubbers accoun…

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19 Responses to [ENG SUB] 130816 THEStar B.A.P Self-Ranking, ‘THEStar did wrong? Prepare to screen capture!’

  1. choi siwonlove says:

    Himchan hhhhhhh I love B.a.p

  2. Rima Ben says:

    vote for BAP at the MTV EMA pleaaase kr(dot)mtvemac(dot)om/vote#cat­­=best-korea-act votes as much as u can

  3. aisyah daulay says:

    Thank you for sub this

  4. Lily Lin says:

    Jongup’s smile and laugh is just so beautiful, Cannot stop looking at him T-T

  5. Julia B. says:

    my sister is afraid of me because of my reaction to this video (which was pretty much fangirling and screaming and laughing every second)

  6. Maryline Som says:

    9:42 Yongguk was cute though :)

  7. Cathy Ly says:

    omg himchan LOL u crack me up!

  8. pokopori says:

    LOL I have never seen a group who was more awkward with aegyo XD BTW, it’s like they’re split right down the middle. The moodmakers are sitting to the right and the stoic ones to the left LOL

  9. KiiroBlossom says:

    So cute~~~~~

  10. Eija Sofina says:

    Himchan : Aeng~ Jongup : Uh, oh -.- THEY ARE SO CUTE

  11. Eija Sofina says:


  12. lo5re says:

    06:13 Jongup again proves that he’s the awkward one

  13. fanofteentop imangel says:

    *O* YoungJae’s aegyo….. Cute

  14. Chendz Mulo says:

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  15. 30SFMV says:

    9:18 Yongguk does NOT approve. xD

  16. KPOPobsessed67 says:

    With Zelo Oppa’s cuteness, Yongguk Oppa’s passion, Jongup Oppa’s shyness, Daehyun Oppa’s looks, Himchan Oppa’s aegyo and Youngjae Oppa’s laughs, together they make B.A.P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Zuly Uzumaki says:

    ahahaha when they were tasting those cookies thingies i was like lol…. but then when it was youngjae’s turn i freakin busted out laughing like… that was totally unexpected XD

  18. byunso1023 says:

    기밍찬 너무조아ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ기요밍

  19. 11jansza says:

    so true XD

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