[ENG SUB] EXO-M Yahoo Interview 121121 (Part 3/4 – Dance Lesson)

SOFT SUBS – please turn on captions for the subtitles! huhuhu, i wonder if there’s a part 4 lurking out there somewhere o___e.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

16 thoughts on “[ENG SUB] EXO-M Yahoo Interview 121121 (Part 3/4 – Dance Lesson)

  1. You’re right, Lay is the actual dancing machine. Chen is called the dancing machine as a joke and to pump up his ego because he is actually one of the worst dancers of the group. I hope that clears up everything. Anytime someone calls him “dancing machine”, they’re just trolling him, lol.

  2. the way Kris does everything just to get himself to stand in the back when they’re about to dance MAMA XD Kris: *stands behind everyone* Cover me please Kris: *walks behind everyone as they organize themselves* Kris: *ends up in the front* ??!!!? Kris: *switches places with Xiumin that was behind him* You’re handsome *pushes Xiumin in front of him* Xiumin: *clueless, just nods* Kris’s operation to put himself behind : SUCCESS

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