[ENG SUB] EXO-M Yahoo Interview 121121 (Part 3/4 – Dance Lesson)

SOFT SUBS – please turn on captions for the subtitles! huhuhu, i wonder if there’s a part 4 lurking out there somewhere o___e.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to [ENG SUB] EXO-M Yahoo Interview 121121 (Part 3/4 – Dance Lesson)

  1. pepsilexsy12 says:

    it was like lay was calling for kris to troll chen 😛 love those three too much. lay is soooo sexy

  2. Emma Gnillot says:

    I love it when Lay speaks Korean :3

  3. Wardah Nasir says:

    did anyone actually learn this dance? So freaking hard!!<-Im -^-

  4. Kaki Lam says:


  5. Fitri Mustika says:

    Zhang Yixing .

  6. keita4life says:

    Chen is always drunk LOL “wo xihuan yahoo”

  7. andkaydoubleu701 says:

    i also like how lay tried to get back at kris because kris pushed him out to speak @ 6:46 . Lol

  8. andkaydoubleu701 says:

    i dont know why, but i like how luhan realises so quickly when lay was trolling chen @3:34. :p

  9. CenaRoku says:

    You’re right, Lay is the actual dancing machine. Chen is called the dancing machine as a joke and to pump up his ego because he is actually one of the worst dancers of the group. I hope that clears up everything. Anytime someone calls him “dancing machine”, they’re just trolling him, lol.

  10. Kanade Tachibana says:


  11. dyschorde says:

    i wish they would do another interview like this T __T they’re so adorable and dorky…

  12. Jann Lee says:

    Ha ha lol Lay left Chen at the and Chen looked back asked were are you? :) :) :)

  13. Miiaw Kyu says:

    the way Kris does everything just to get himself to stand in the back when they’re about to dance MAMA XD Kris: *stands behind everyone* Cover me please Kris: *walks behind everyone as they organize themselves* Kris: *ends up in the front* ??!!!? Kris: *switches places with Xiumin that was behind him* You’re handsome *pushes Xiumin in front of him* Xiumin: *clueless, just nods* Kris’s operation to put himself behind : SUCCESS

  14. Verda Nasir says:

    WAAAAH only JUST realised how good Lay is at speaking Korean! He easily switched from mandarin to korean in like a second @5:09

  15. Jongdae Wu Fan says:

    Kris is saying, “huh?” as a chance to correct themselves xDD

  16. EXOtic4EVAH says:

    Lol what did Chen do wrong that made everyone laugh?? Lol Xiumin has the most hilarious laugh and OMG Lay…

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