[Eng Sub] Infinite Ranking King Ep. 11 (3/3) [kpopjunkie.com]

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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19 Responses to [Eng Sub] Infinite Ranking King Ep. 11 (3/3) [kpopjunkie.com]

  1. Salma Quiñones says:

    Sungjon made scary soung for L!!

  2. Zuki Maya says:

    Hoya: *makes scary music* pabam pabam pabam I DIED XD :’)

  3. pinkpandaa02 says:

    When i heard the Yeobuseyo stuff around 8:03 i thought NUEST’s song Hello will be played. lol

  4. Mel Wagley says:

    7:21-7:31 probably the best scene in this ep xD

  5. Lara Miller says:

    sungjong should definetly win, after him sunggyu :)

  6. Fenny Huang says:

    this is why i like dongwoo so much, a second maknae in infinite…>

  7. Vivien Chai says:

    Dongwoo actually sang 희망사항!!!

  8. nurulsyafiqah00 says:

    L’s “Eh?” WAS FREAKING CUTE!~ *-*

  9. xdoryyxx says:

    Hoya’s confession time…too cute! I can’t handle his cuteness <3 phrase.

  10. mizanimation says:

    Hoya doesnt want to hit L, but I’m sure Sungyeol wouldn’t mind. He did hit Sunggyu after all. lol!

  11. KTbeat says:

    0:07 …. his managers face scares me their…

  12. jennifer2345f says:

    hhahah i just think its so cute how all the ghosts laugh at namstar XD

  13. nerdychic015 says:

    whats the song at 8:05 lol hoya was def funny

  14. annInfiniteSungJong says:

    Dongwoo singing I need a girl song… Then he say i like girls except for ghost! LOL

  15. annInfiniteSungJong says:

    Sunggyu : “Does ghost use internet?! U know my fan will react if u hit me in the butt!” Ghost : *Who cares* ………….HAHAHAHAHA……….

  16. annInfiniteSungJong says:

    Super Funny :)

  17. Kyuupink says:

    Aw Sunjong is so cute how he is all polite and stuff, even to that ghost lady haha <3

  18. Mina KK says:

    No :) he was singing Taeyang’s I Need A Girl kkkk

  19. Jianna Yong says:

    hahhahahhahahahahahhahahahah sunggyu wore sungjong’s underwear!!hahahhahah

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