[Eng Sub] Infinite Ranking King Ep. 13 (1/4) [kpopjunkie.com]

[Eng Sub] Infinite Ranking King Ep. 13 (1/4) [kpopjunkie.com]

Been super busy, didn’t have time to sub the captions. Anyway, enjoy! Quick Note: I have no idea what Hoya’s word means. It’s not Korean.

16 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] Infinite Ranking King Ep. 13 (1/4) [kpopjunkie.com]

  1. Lol. I love how when they weren’t trying to get someone out they all started dying one by one. Staring with Gyu-nim. LMAO L getting out right at the start of part 2. lol And Dongwoo’s wae?x10 The song that played when Sunggyu got out of the water coupled with his expression was priceless.

  2. the one on hoya’s head is what Dongwoo said once in a weekly idol episode where he was told to say something in English. they even discussed about it in the lastest weekly idol ep where they were in a hotel ( i think)

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