[Eng Sub] Infinite Ranking King Ep. 7 (1/3) [kpopjunkie.com]

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14 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] Infinite Ranking King Ep. 7 (1/3) [kpopjunkie.com]

  1. myungsoo’s fashion style is rather safe for an idol/celebrity around his age.. his airport fashion that i have seen is quite modest. well.. i normally like guys who dress like that ^^

  2. Even Dongwoo is my bias in Infinite,I thought L will be first but well~ I’m the only who noticed the instrumental of “Ready,Set,Go” from Tokio Hotel?I’m a fan but I was shocked xD

  3. my new rule: whatever Hoya says, it’s true. even if it’s not, it’s still true. oh god i’m just nodding at the screen everytime he appears! xD and at 9:53 i just felt like being those stuff on the floor so that he can carry me! and at 2:51, OH MY GOD! HIS LAUGH!!!! love love love it! <3

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