[Eng Sub] INFINITE ranking king ep12 3/4

[Eng Sub] INFINITE ranking king ep12 3/4

Uploading this first becoz everyone’s excited about this new episode :p I do not own this video, enjoy watching it.

16 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] INFINITE ranking king ep12 3/4

  1. LOL they all like Woohyun’s hanbok, I’m done. He’s so cute wearing it! But omfg L i cant. Idek why but I thought it was so sweet when Sungyeol called out, “Woohyun-ssi!”. But really, Hoya’s trenchcoat is the best thing ever. istg i cried when he asked if he had to take all his clothes off and omg that fucking caption XD this is why Infinite’s shows are the best imo.

  2. ahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha hhahahahahahahahahahahahahah i keep on laughing here of L’s costume.. ahahahahahaha woah woah… namu oppa looks cute ahahahahahahahahahahaha wae wae wae?????? waegure??? sunggyu oppa got baby clothes???? omo.. ahahahahahahahahaa xDDDD

  3. i really laughed sooo hard!!!!!!!! hahahahahahhahahahahaha, this episode was the best in me 🙂 looking at myungsoo’s clothes, with a superman costume, hahahahahhahahha. >.<

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