[Eng Sub] INFINITE ranking king ep5 pt1

Infinite Ranking King Episode 5 Part 1/4 Subbed By KpopJunkie Check Out KpopJunkie.com! This is not my video..i just want to share with u..credits goes fully to kpopJunkie..
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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15 Responses to [Eng Sub] INFINITE ranking king ep5 pt1

  1. 28nicklove1 says:

    i would have started kissing Hoya exactly at that moment 9:13. WHY IS HE SO GORGEOUS?!

  2. scq5885e says:

    @Amikalola It’s I like you from Infinite’s new album INFINITIZE

  3. amikalola says:

    what is the song that is played in the beginning like the one that all the members are in the opening

  4. nickB2ty says:

    love how woohyun always calm his leader..=)

  5. nickB2ty says:

    lol double speed counting …haha cute

  6. SNSDForever123 says:

    omg Sungyeol’s expressions are killing me LOL

  7. musiclife728 says:

    omg at sungyeol’s piercings.

  8. nancenancynancelife says:


  9. Jaemijx11 says:


  10. ChocoDelight97 says:

    i think he has six in one ear

  11. k0rEaNxDFReaak says:

    i loveeee L’s laugh every time he does it!!

  12. shazzah199708 says:

    random but sunggyu has the prettiest eyes *.*

  13. Daffy Yun says:

    how does this count as… athletic?

  14. Ergo Sum Adrieyl says:

    Yeollie!♥ Dw!♥ Hyunnie!♥

  15. Ergo Sum Adrieyl says:

    Yeollie♥ Dw♥ Hyunnie♥

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