[ENG SUB] “Reply 1997″ Seo In Guk & Eun Ji Won @TAXI (Jung Eun Ji Cut)

Subbed by me ^^ Please click “Show Annotations” to see the subtitles :) They should have a date immediately!!! ^^

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12 Responses to [ENG SUB] “Reply 1997″ Seo In Guk & Eun Ji Won @TAXI (Jung Eun Ji Cut)

  1. jennydth says:

    Hehe, In Guk seems to be a truthfully person. He said that he had some feelings with her, so it’s the fact ^^ Not yet love, but I’m sure that he likes Eun Ji :)

  2. MsLilyLovegood says:

    so.. the fact is that in guk in love with eun ji? or how? can you explain it t o me please?

  3. jennydth says:

    You can see the Annotations icon on the left of CC icon. When you’re at the Annotation icon’s place, you can see the words “Show Annotations”, and then you just need to click, that’s what I mean

  4. Tiffany Cao says:


  5. basmixa says:

    show annotations??

  6. jennydth says:

    Can you see the CC??? Annotations is on the left of CC :)

  7. ginjiamanobanchan says:

    there’s no annotations on mine>//<

  8. Joy Chen says:

    So funny! Totally shipping all Eunji couples….

  9. justlilclumsy says:

    the way he is talking to her is so cute… u kinda notice that he feels something for her

  10. aida idora says:

    thanks for the sub! have been waiting for this! >.<

  11. Trisha Camille Garcia says:


  12. Jasmine Baldwin says:

    Waaah Seo In Guk omfg

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