[ENG SUBS] INFINITE ranking king ep2 1/3

[ENG SUBS] INFINITE ranking king ep2 1/3

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16 Responses to [ENG SUBS] INFINITE ranking king ep2 1/3

  1. Sullie Lee X says:


  2. yummiwatch says:

    it’s fanservice. some fans would rather see the guys play and mess around with each other than with other girls… it’s not gay -_-

  3. yummiwatch says:

    aw, Sungjong and L XD <3 cuties!

  4. KRArtWork says:

    Continue watching them at 9:08 – 9:19 omg!!

  5. GiGiLocks says:

    Myungjong oh my god xD

  6. kim myungsoo says:

    L is so cute….<3<3

  7. YoonaNyuri says:

    i like Hoya “aigomonida ” XD

  8. grace paulina says:

    why?? i like it XD

  9. Sherry Hu says:

    why did they make this so gay?

  10. Stephanie Yang says:

    L has the same scream as Sungjong …

  11. Stephanie Yang says:

    Ahhhhhhh! I got goosebumps when L wiped Sungjong mouth.. lol.

  12. izaty meinfinity says:

    i watch this part again to reminisce how cute that when sunggyu and hoya ate tgether,,sunggy’s legs are spread wide like a man..kkk..while hoya is very neat,w/ legs closed and napkin on top..hahahaaa…they r just too cute to handle


    Aw! Hoygyu is cute! Eating their meals together on the steps just like they did under the playground during training.


    I was surprised how “low” Yeolie was ranked in likability. He is always so funny and charming in interviews and shows! You’re ranked high to us, Oppa!


    OMG I can see that!

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