Englewood church makes last push to register voters

Englewood church makes last push to register voters
'If you can operate a microwave, you can use a ballot machine,' said Deputy Superintendant of Elections Teresa O'Connor, on Oct. 6 during a program at Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Englewood. "It's symbolic of the alarm that needs to be sounded in …
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The Most Important Game in Michael Vick's Life
Athletes whose stories transcended the sports field (for good or for ill) and made it into popular consciousness. In the case of Vick, his dog-fighting-to-prison-to-NFL again story had all of the elements of an American redemption story, … This year …
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Nadeau: 'It's almost like I lost my life'
He spent time in a medically induced coma and didn't regain full consciousness for three weeks. He would never race again. "I just don't know what to do now," he said. "I'm literally lost at times. I wake up like, 'Well, … Frye had visited the …
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