[Engsub] Seo In Guk – No matter what (Live)

Seo In Guk appeared on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook Episode 214 and sang OST from Master’s Sun – No matter what.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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15 Responses to [Engsub] Seo In Guk – No matter what (Live)

  1. Teni LUV says:

    You know it might just be shipper blindness (funnily me wanting to see what I want to see…don’t care LOL). But every time I hear the song and see the lyrics…I can’t help but think about he/Eunji. It’s as if it’s their story. kekeke Yeah I went there. Then again Apink’s Lovestory/Fairytale Love reminds me of them too..as in the I regret it/missing you part of it. Ahhhhh, I miss them so much…when can I seem them together again? · 

  2. galenicahoney says:

    I love master sun Ost so sad. 

  3. jenifer morales says:

    I’m so in love to his voice…I really love him 

  4. Hafizah Sapie says:

    This song is really sad . If you watch master sun , you’ll understand me .. The lyrics is really fit with seo in guk characther in master sun . Master sun . HIGHLY RECOMMEND !

  5. Bernadina Anastasia says:

    This song really really describing what my heart feels right now. Though i desperately want, though i hope..my love cant come true..'(((

  6. Nany Kim says:

    Waooo Hermoso

  7. Riqqa Permatasari says:

    His voice smiliar with shinhwa-hyesung .. That’s why i realy like him

  8. Puteri Izzah says:

    I love his voice .

  9. Nabilah Othman says:

    THIS PERFORMANCE WAS AWESOME. then i fund his performance in taiwan, in the audition program superstar… omg that was a super effing flawless performace that even surpass this. i cried.

  10. Yan Yee says:

    Swoons! <3

  11. Nicholson Nepomuceno says:

    I’m a guy and I love this man.

  12. bùi quang thái says:

    I am so so so in love with this sweetheart guy

  13. kz Sail says:

    beautiful voice 

  14. Yeni Ong says:

    I hate Eunji. No match

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