Enhance Images with Bokeh and Special Blur Effects

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14 Responses to Enhance Images with Bokeh and Special Blur Effects

  1. X7Richard says:

    That was awesome. I didn’t even know that’s what that Bokeh panel was for lol

  2. RMDigital1 says:

    Love the vid, great work!

  3. Gavin Hornak says:

    You are pronouncing bokeh wrong…

  4. Simone Lezzi says:

    is the first place Camogli, italy?

  5. Randall Gyebi says:

    And that’s the problem. Everyone just takes little things for granted and eventually things get messed up slowly. How about we take the Nazis criticism and just preserve its true pronunciation.

  6. satay71 says:

    I agree. It’s not vital to the tutorial, but if you’re giving advice as a professional it helps to get the technical terms correct to maintain respect from your students.

  7. satay71 says:

    Thanks. It was bugging me too. 😉

  8. SmatfilmsT says:

    Try this on one of my photographs

  9. SmatfilmsT says:

    In SPANISH!!!!

  10. Mahmoud Sobhy says:

    wowwww thanks this amazing :))))

  11. nhurartworks says:

    I cant see the Ok button XD too loL

  12. nhurartworks says:

    Wow nice tutorial, today I was trying to do this effect on one drawing, but I got a little problem X.x The bars dont show in the screen, (the lines that you use for control de blur effect) do you know what could be the problem? Thanks in advance!

  13. JJJJake124 says:

    yea I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter how it’s pronounced.

  14. Tennishead21 says:

    Not true, I do and he is correct. It is a Japanese word. It’s not utterly vital but it would be nice to see it correct. It’s like Nee-kon vs Nai-kon, where the former is again correct because it is a Japanese word again.

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