Enjoy the view with Yahoo Mail

Enjoy the view with Yahoo Mail

Refresh your inbox with stunning themes and beautiful design across devices. Preview attachments in full screen, view messages as conversations, check out th…
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15 Responses to Enjoy the view with Yahoo Mail

  1. jacquie250 says:

    Nothing but problems with these new changes.

  2. Vince bymirer says:


  3. SuperDevil2012 says:

    This update is the worst, i cant open my e mail now , ill try tablet (Android) not working well , the old one is better than this (classic yahoo mail)

  4. pomping14 says:

    update is shit.

  5. carlicmo says:


  6. simi281001 says:

    Excellent Improvement

  7. Tony Husein says:

    This new update is the worst

  8. maciekkk123 says:

    Give me back old interface – I don’t like new look/layout and there is no difference between readed and unreded emails (no bold font) which suck big time !!!

  9. avidlurkviewer says:

    Great, nice but.. wait, when are you going to fix the spam folder bug where the message count doesn’t match and happens from IMAP access too?

  10. Chris Weatherly says:

    I stuck with Yahoo because I hated the way Gmail handled sorting. Now, I can’t even read the font in the “new” Yahoo. Seeing as the comments around the web have been overwhelmingly negative about the update, I have to ask who at Yahoo thought this was a good idea? Do you guys even do any research? Please give us the option of using what we had.

  11. Egyptian Doctor says:

    give me my classic yahoo mail, you stupid. I can’t use my email anymore :@

  12. Huffyz Hassan says:

    I have like never checked in my yahoo! mail since 1300 B.C.

  13. remustata says:


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