Enterprise SEO Training | Scale Up Your SEO Strategy

Enterprise SEO Training | Scale Up Your SEO Strategy
Event on 2015-06-26 09:00:00


Course Description: Andreas Ramos is former Manager of Global SEO at Cisco, Author of Search Engine Marketing (McGraw Hill), and Technical Editor of Search Engine Marketing, Inc. by Mike Moran and Bill Hunt (IBM Press 3rd edition 2014). This one-day training by Timelapse will cover Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at an enterprise level. It is primarily aimed at professional marketers already acquainted with mainstream SEO techniques. This workshop will help you take your SEO strategy to the next level and scale up your SEO performance. You will participate in interactive exercises and review insightful SEO case studies. You will learn advanced SEO techniques and put together a strategy in coherence with your marketing and growth objectives.


  • 1- Build the Business Case
    • Build Buy-In at CXO Level.
    • Missed Opportunity Matrix
    • Build Buy-In at CXO Level.
    • Team Requirements.
    • Competitor Research.
    • Budgets and Costs.
  • 2- Audit of Current SEO
    • Determine the Target Pages.
    • Review the Vendors and Contractors.
    • Competitor Review.
    • History of the Domain Name.
    • Define the Current SEO Process.
    • Status of Current Tools.
    • Status of Current Traffic.
    • Use of Inclusion Operators.
    • Status of SEO for Non-Personalized Results.
    • The Site or Page in Local Results.
    • Determine the KPIs.
    • Calculate the Indexation Ratio.
    • Internal Broken Links.
    • Has a Page or Site Been Banned?
    • Has a Page Been Accidentally NoIndexed?
    • Check for Penalties.
    • The Transactional Quality.
    • Internal Search.
  • 3- Implementation of SEO
    • Keyword Research
      • Estimate the keyword traffic.
      • Find keywords.
      • Find #Hashtags.
      • Use the keyword report.
      • Brainstorming for adjectives.
      • Ownership of keywords.
    • Changes to the SEO
      • Set the Preferred Domain.
      • Set Canonical URLs.
      • TITLE, DESCRIPTION, and Meta-Keyword Tags.
      • Robots.Txt
      • Changes to the Page Content.
      • Keyword Density.
      • Reduce Page KB Size.
      • OpenGraph OG.
      • Link Audits.
      • Fix the URLs.
      • XML Sitemap.
      • Link Requests.
      • Adding Links to Search Engines.
      • Review the Site Links.
      • Fix Internal, Outbound, or Inbound Links.
      • Disavow Links.
      • Links, Squatters, and URLs.
      • Metrics: Tracking PLPs and Keywords.
    • Beyond Technical SEO
      • Competitive SEO.
      • Holistic SEO.
      • Brand Refinements.
      • Weak Pages.
      • SEO and Content Quality.
      • SEO and Content Marketing.
      • ASO App Store Optimization.
      • Improve Direct Traffic.
      • Build Referring Traffic.
      • Use PPC to Build Organic Traffic.
      • SEO and Social.
      • SEO and Local.
      • SEO and Video.
      • Global SEO.
      • Multi-lingual SEO.
      • SEO and Public Relations.
      • Build an SEO process.

Prerequisites: You need to have access to your website back-end and the ability to modify titles, texts, and urls. Familiarity with the following tools can help you maximize your time in this class: Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, website content management systems and blogging platforms.

Well-suited for:

  1. Marketing Managers, Directors, CMOs.
  2. Senior Digital Marketers.
  3. Web Marketing Consultants.
  4. Tech Entrepreneurs.
  5. Senior Startup Marketers.
  6. SEO Consultants.

 About Andreas Ramos, Former Manager of Global SEO at Cisco Andreas is Former Manager of Global SEO at Cisco, where he was leading SEO for 43 languages and 84 countries. Andreas evangelized SEO methods for Cisco teams around the globe. He initiated and developed ASO (App Store Optimization) for Cisco’s 130 apps in Apple App Store and Google Play store. He wrote strategy document and worked with the app dev team, social media, and the SEM team to carry out ASO for Cisco apps. He masters SEO tools include BrightEdge, Adobe Omniture SiteCatalyst, Google Analytics, and Google Webmaster Tools. Andreas is also author of ten books on SEO and Digital Marketing. His book “The Big Book of Content Marketing” (May 2013) became Amazon Best Seller within two days of publication. Andreas also wrote “Search Engine Marketing” (McGraw-Hill USA, 2009, Tsinghua University Press in China 2010, McGraw-Hill Taiwan, 2010). Andreas is also Professor of Digital Marketing at Silicon Valley Business School (SVBS). He manages MIT’s Adwords account with a million Google Foundation Grant and advises on SEO strategy for Stanford MBA School. Andreas founded two digital marketing agencies and led digital marketing at several companies. His books have been published in the USA, China, Taiwan, France, Germany, the UK, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.

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