Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – Kim Jaejoong(JYJ), Seo Inguk, Ha Jiwon (2015.01.24)

New KBS drama “Spy”: Kim Jaejoong(JYJ), Bae Jongok, Yu Ohseong, Ko Sunghee – Stars that will shine in 2015 : Seo Inguk (‘The King’s Face’) – Guerilla Date with Ha Jiwon – Action hero Keanu…

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13 Responses to Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – Kim Jaejoong(JYJ), Seo Inguk, Ha Jiwon (2015.01.24)

  1. Thamirss837 says:

    jaejoong’s interview starts at 34:16

  2. Annachuasm says:

    Am I the only one who feels that KJJ looks like Ji Chang Wook ?

  3. Sadaf Faqiri says:

    Kim Jaejoong on a KBS show ❤

  4. SakuraHaruno1618 says:

    Jae Joong-Oppa^^ I could scream out of my mind . I love SPY and a part of its story line of a mother’s endless protection for her child.

  5. Thao Han Le Thi says:

    Long time no see Jaejoong!!!!

  6. Deb Libra says:

    Finally … Thank you for airing an interview with Kim JaeJoong in it. Thanks for the English subs also. You have redeemed your show somewhat for the past and ignoring his accomplishments with that interview. I hope you will consider him for a serious segment on a future show… We the fans would appreciate it and show EW lots of viewers love.

  7. natalia contreras says:

    Ha Jiwon she is so pretty, funny,I love his personality and Jaejoong what a joy to see him in a Korean program

  8. karitaraa says:

    Thank you for Jaejoong’s clip! He is so cute >< Can’t wait to watch SPY on KBSWorld on Jan 30.

  9. NoonaSaysWhat says:

    It feels so great n proud to see Jaejoong on TV interview. Let’s hope media will stop blocking JYJ and they will get to come on TV often. 

  10. jiji lala says:

    “A man who looks like he came straight out of a painting” truth! Clap Clap

  11. hkjhio says:

    All I can say about duplicating the programmes is that China has no creativity. What’s the point of duplicating? It’s the same concept just the actors are their own locals. For eg the gag concert. The skits are the same. Basically you are adopting the korean culture instead of producing your own ideas. Ironic isn’t it, they do so beause they want to “preserve the Chines culture”. How exactly? If the jokes are korean jokes…. If I’m not wrong each skit of gag concert is thought by the comedians themselves. Country so big, with one of the largest population, no one can come up with better ideas or ORIGINAL ideas?! Pfft… 

  12. BornFreeCassie says:

    YASSS i knew jj won’t want to hide his past. He has a precious and unforgettable past :) AND THAT PART FROM HUG THO!! OMFG I SWEAR!! UGH KIM JAEJOONG. I’m legit crying rn -.-

  13. Tomutionmyha says:

    Thank You KBS WORLD! So good to see Kim Jaejoong on TV and look SK Entertainment Industry the world didn’t end how about you ALL start being fair? SPY FIGHTING!

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