Entrepreneurial Marketing

Entrepreneurial Marketing
Event on 2014-11-18 13:30:00

Please choose one date from each workshop. 

Workshop 1

 25th  November 2014 (9.30-12.30)

 16th March 2015 (9.30-12.30)

Marketing and the Customer Interface

  • What is marketing & the marketing mix
  • Analysing the environment
  • Formulating marketing objectives and strategy
  • The customer interface: physical evidence of service quality and the service encounter
  • Implementing and evaluating the marketing strategy

Marketing Communications and Creativity

  • What is marketing communications?
  • Analysis of the communications environment

Objectives and strategy of marketing communications

  • The marketing communications tools (advertising, sales promotion, PR, direct marketing, personal selling)
  • Marketing communications media (traditional and digital)
  • Marketing communications Content (more of the same garbage or meaningful and resonating?)
    • o    What is creativity?
    • o    The limitations of marketing communications content
    • o    What is creative marketing communications content?
  • Implementing marketing communications
  • Evaluating marketing communications


Workshop 2

18th November 2014 (1.30-4.30)

8th April 2015 (1.30-4.30)

Entrepreneurial Marketing and Digital Marketing

Entrepreneurial Marketing:

  • What is and why to use entrepreneurial marketing?
  • Traditional marketing x entrepreneurial marketing?
  • Entrepreneurial consumer and adopters
  • Entrepreneurial marketing approaches
  • Using entrepreneurial marketing to nurture innovation and sustainable growth

 Digital Marketing:

  • The Digital Marketing Environment 
  • Customers, Users and Consumers
  • Digital Strategy and Social Media
  • New technologies and the future of costumer services

at Old Broadcasting House
148 Woodhouse Lane
Leeds, United Kingdom

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