Entrepreneurs Are Made, Not Born

Entrepreneurs Are Made, Not Born
Event on 2016-11-19 16:30:00
“Entrepreneurs are made, not born” is an exclusive workshop series conducted by Prof. Parag Shah and powered by Midas India, a Pune based Educational Institute. Through this workshop you can learn the basic nuances of becoming an entrepreneur.
Prof. Parag Shah, a lifetime entrepreneur, coach & mentor started his journey of being an entrepreneur at a young age of 11 and has been a successful entrepreneur building 18 different business in his 45 years of entrepreneurial adventure. The workshop structure is built in a way for you to learn and absorb the knowledge and expertise he possesses as an entrepreneur.
Come, listen, interact, work out and learn along with him as he provides you a window into the life and journey of what you could live as an entrepreneur.

– Students graduating in 2017 & wanting to start their own business
– Students graduating in 2017 & wanting to pursue their family business
– Recent graduate who aspire to build their own Innovative Start Up

Presentation on the basics of entrepreneurship as experienced by Mr. Parag Shah
A case study on various life events that may occur in your life as an entrepreneur
2 interactive simulation games which put you in the driving seat and give you an update on your skills and shows you different navigation techniques to help you become a successful entrepreneur
Q&A with Mr. Parag Shah – open up, raise your hand and get your queries resolved because when you go back after the workshop we have no doubt that you would have clarity of direction & purpose
Hi-tea & networking event – start then & there with one of the most important aspects of business – networking. Networking with peers, prospects, clients, role models, coaches, with all stakeholders. You may find many such around you at the workshop

From his humble beginnings in a small town called Daund in Maharashtra & his first entrepreneurial venture at age 11, Prof. Parag Shah has been a serial Entrepreneur with several successful businesses in his portfolio. He is also the Managing Director for Oxford Golf & Country Club – ranked the best Golf course not only in India but also in Asia. He is the Founder Director & former Chairperson of FLAME University which he co-founded in 2007.
With a vision to create 10,000 entrepreneurs Prof. Parag Shah founded the Midas Institute of Entrepreneurial Development, an institution committed to foster Entrepreneurship and Innovation. As the Chief Mentor at Midas and through his own experience as a successful serial entrepreneur, Prof. Parag Shah passionately believes that Entrepreneurs are made and not born. With this belief, he has mentored more than 250 Entrepreneurs and helped them successfully launch, manage, grow and sustain their businesses.
Prof. Parag Shah has authored ‘Antar Prerna’, his Entrepreneurial memoir. He is a much sought after speaker at various national and international conferences on topics related to Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Critical Thinking. He is on the jury of several innovation centres globally.
A passionate educationist and teacher, Prof. Parag Shah was recently awarded the 'Business Acharya of the Year' by Entrepreneur Magazine for his outstanding work in the field of Entrepreneurship Education.

at Vivanta by Taj
Bangalore, India

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