EPIC Real Life Black Ops 2 Zombies

In the future Real Life Black Ops 2 Zombies have overrun the planet. Two dudes fight for their lives against the zombie onslaught in this zombie slaying, zombie action, zombie tale. Real Life Black Ops 2 Zombies. Be on the look out for the hidden Zombie hockey mask. Let me know in the comments below some of the cool features you’d like to see in the new Zombie mode on Black Ops 2. Special Thanks To Purple Grizzly! www.youtube.com — Subscribe! www.youtube.com Twitter! twitter.com Follow Me On Instagram! @jesseeckel Facebook! on.fb.me My Second Channel! youtube.com Zombies Zombie Zombies Zombie Zombies Nom Nom Nom Zombies Zombie Zombies Real Zombies Real Zombie Real zombie Zombies Zombies Zombies Zombie Real Life Epic zombies zombie zombie zombie zombies zombies

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13 Responses to EPIC Real Life Black Ops 2 Zombies

  1. SureShotFilmsUK says:

    JUST AWESOME! Great makeup aswell!

  2. WilliamJeffWallace says:

    2:06 Love your shirt bro. On that Rehab :)

  3. ihatebutter787 says:

    zombies !

  4. excusemebro890 says:

    real zombies

  5. Alfin Andy says:

    killing zombie never been so easy

  6. mickey blue says:

    after this vid this 2guys try to repopulatt the planet with eachother haa

  7. TheNobleScoundrel says:

    Great Ending.

  8. TheNobleScoundrel says:

    1:34 Random kid sitting in a shopping cart. ???

  9. TheNobleScoundrel says:

    1:15 Random mask on the stairwell. Must be an sequel easter egg.

  10. LJayMusic18 says:

    jus subbed this minute after the gandlaf video you have awesome videos and deserve way more subs

  11. Cre3per4096 says:

    Bacause this was short It was awesome. Keep em short GJ!

  12. SuperGuyzilla says:


  13. cody adams says:

    awsome vid dude always be prepard just in case zombies do come

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