Episode 1 – 20-02-2012

The episode starts with Vimla, an affluent woman whose family is into transport business in Indore. She arrives at Shukla Mansion along with her son, Mohan in a posh car to attend Mansi and Vijay’s wedding ceremony. Mansi’s father, Mr Shukla greets Vimla and Mohan. Vimla appreciates the arrangements done for the wedding. She also expresses her enthusiasm about the special arrangement being made on the occasion of jayamala. Mr Shukla informs Vimla that he has appointed a very famous wedding planner as he wants his daughter’s wedding ceremony to be very unique. Vimla is puzzled when she fails to find any women in the house and so enquires with Mr Shukla. He informs her that the ladies were busy upstairs in the sangeet ceremony. Aarti is a divorcee and lives with her son and in-laws. She is very caring, helpful and a responsible woman. Aarti has all the qualities required to be a perfect wife and a daughter-in-law. She is Mansi’s best friend and performs to a folk song during her sangeet ceremony. Vimla sees Aarti performing and gets impressed. After the ceremony, Aarti’s mother-in-law, Shobha rejoices when one of the guests praises Aarti. Shobha has good relationship with Aarti and loves her a lot. Shobha, who treats Aarti like her daughter is very concerned about Aarti’s future. She wishes to get Aarti remarried and does not tolerate anybody speaking ill about her. Vimla wishes to propose marriage to Aarti on behalf of Mohan. Vimla is unaware that Aarti is a divorcee. She

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  1. My friend, I am doubled up in laughter. Who ever would have thought it? 😀 How can I not pick up your writing style? It’s like an actual voice in my head now. Still completely blows my mind though, it was just so unexpected. Would you believe me if I told you that I was thinking that while the video played? My thoughts went along the lines of, “How happy she looks months before this tumultuous marriage ever began.” Then I corrected myself, and said that it doesn’t mean she was any better off.

  2. I love how my tone of type was the thing that you picked up on. I still think those moments are really sweet. That smile of hers is so precious, especially since the current onslaught of turbulent waves just keeps washing her happiness away as soon as she thinks she has found a few moments of calm peace!

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