Erudito App for iPad : The News Reader for Massive Consumption of News

Paris, France (PRWEB) May 21, 2013

Erudito is an RSS news aggregator iPad App developed specifically for the consumer of massive amounts of news. Erudito brings a solution to the problem faced by the consumer of massive amount of news forced to flip or scroll excessively trough the news titles presented by his current agreggator. Eruditos flexible grid interface elegantly holds a lot of news so one can more efficiently browse large amounts of titles and spot those of interest.

“There are lots of excellent and beautiful news aggregator apps around already. Yet, as consumers of large amount of news ourselves, we were never completely satisfied by the experience those apps offer. Other apps forced us to flip or scroll excessively trough pages and pages of news in order to have an overview of recent titles,” explains Benjamin Melki, the App director. Another problem faced with current aggregators was the impractical way of jumping from one category or specific feed to another. Erudito is designed to eliminate those inefficiencies: it offers a wide overview of news titles trough a grid presentation, and easy switching of content display through a practical toolbar.

Some of the main features of the app include:

Importing categories and feeds from a Google Reader account.
Grid presentation for efficient overview of news titles. Displaying grid of 25, 16 or 9 cells.
Magic toolbar to jump instantly from a category or feed to another.
Marking grid cells as read while scrolling
Custom categories with selected list of feeds only. Ability to display a single category, a specific feed, or the entire collection of feeds.
Reader view to display the original website, RSS content, or Readability formatted content.
Sending news items to Pocket, Readability, Facebook
Saving favorite news items into the Favorites folder.
Multi-account handling, each with their categories and feeds.

Development of Erudito by Kaeria EURL is ongoing with plans to release a constant flow of new features and optimizations

About Kaeria EURL

Founded in 2004, Kaeria EURL is a multimedia company involved in high tech websites and software creations.

Device Requirements:

iPad with ios 5.1 or newer

Web site:

Free version download :

Paid version download :


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