Erwin Schrödinger birthday celebrated in Google doodle

Erwin Schrödinger birthday celebrated in Google doodle
Google's latest doodle marks the birthday of Erwin Schrödinger, the Nobel prize-winning quantum physicist whose eponymous equation lies at the heart of quantum mechanics. Born in Vienna in 1887 to a factory owner and his Austrian-English wife, …
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Google Vs. Apple, From A Fund Manager Who Owns Both
As technology stocks that carry three-digit price tags, Google Google and Apple Apple are part of a fairly exclusive fraternity. This summer, after the former missed quarterly earnings expectations and the latter beat the Street's estimate, some …
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Google Tests Internet-Filled Balloon in California As Bill Gates Criticizes
With its Project Loon Google has grand plans to bring the Internet to the developing world with balloons. The company first began testing the large Internet-equipped floating balloons in New Zealand, but has now begun testing a few in California's …
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