eSpaceListings Launches New Website and Social Media Campaign

Montreal, Quebec (PRWEB) April 15, 2013

Launched in 2003, eSpaceListings is an online database dedicated to promoting commercial, industrial and investment properties. The site is accessible to both Canada and the United States, indexing over 41,000 cities across the entirety of North America. The company is happy to announce the launch of its newly formulated website and social media campaign in order to widen their potential sales market.

To further expand their business, eSpaceListings will make their new website more accessible to users (that is, more user-friendly), adding an interactive social media personality for their online users to take advantage of. By accessing Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, eSpaceListings is looking to further expand their market and the reach of their current property database.

The eSpaceListings database allows property owners to list any number of properties on their online database, greatly increasing a sellers chances of a successful transaction. The site also provides property owners, brokers, economic development offices, and municipalities the possibility of integrating the database technology within their own web site, linking them to the eSpaceListings page, saving clients the trouble of creating their own complex databases.

Today, the real estate market is not what it used to beproperties dont sell themselves. eSpaceListings understands the work it takes to successfully sell a propertyand they also acknowledge the relevance of an online presence in todays shaky economy. eSpaceListings knows that their online database provides an invaluable tool for individuals and businesses looking to buy, sell or lease their commercial properties.

Fortunately, real estate does have one thing going for itit is the only sure thing worth investing in when done correctly. Real estate is guaranteed to appreciate in value over time, regardless of North Americas fragile economic system. eSpaceListings helps sellers showcase their commercial real estate across Canada and the United States, maximizing the sellers potential for realizing a successful transaction.

When looking to move a commercial property quickly and efficiently, look no further than eSpaceListings. Whether selling, buying or leasing, eSpaceListings can help move commercial, industrial and investment properties through the use of their extensive database. For more information, visit

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