Essentials 2 Day Masterclass by Padraic & Sonia Deasy (USA)

Essentials 2 Day Masterclass by Padraic & Sonia Deasy (USA)
Event on 2013-06-03 10:00:00

Padraic & Sonia Deasy's First Ever US Masterclass.

Who is it for ?

Essentials 2 Day Masterclass is an in depth look at the Deasy Photographic business model from their streamlined product offering to their studio lighting Techniques.

This Studio Portrait Photography Business Masterclass will be hosted in Phoenix, Arizona, USA with Padraic & Sonia Deasy. This is for photographers with a hunger to make their business thrive and who also want to learn practical advice through tried and tested formulas on running a portrait studio.


The Studios of

Allison Tyler Jones Photography


DeCesare Design Group

166 W Main St Suite #103 Mesa AZ 85201


Topics to be covered Day 1 – Essentials Business

  • Back to basics – We are basic people and believe that running a portrait studio doesn't need to "Be" or "Get" complicated. Our systems are easy to implement and we have been testing and updating them for the last 20 years. Don't forget that we operate a 2nd generation business and truly understand change and how to make change happen. Let's get the foundations right.
  • Client relations – In today's world relationships have never been so important. Our business is about Padraic and Sonia Deasy and what we can offer our clients. When our clients come to our studio we take the time to truly connect with them allowing us to reap the rewards with high average sales and continued referred business. 
  • Shooting – Most studios shoot to sell, we sell to shoot through our tried and tested system of shooting with the end result in mind we sell the finished result and then shoot for it.
  • Selling – Through a simplified product range and a step by step system of bringing our client from the initial point of contact throught to completion, our streamlined selling system has proven to increase your average sale. The ease at which this selling system operates enables you to maximize the customer experience.
  • Enquiries – We all understand how difficult it is to get your phone to ring and have clients walk through your door. We must be fully prepared for that enquiry when it presents itself to us, we will show you how we convert enquiries into bookings.
  • Marketing –  Marketing and Branding in today's market and what works for us. We will share with you our social marketing strategy and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques that have helped us convert new clients into new business.
  • Pricing for Profit – We will show you how simplified our price list and streamlined our product range is. Once you see this you will see why we have streamlined our studio portrait photography business in this way.

Topics to be covered Day 2 – Essentials Studio Lighting

This Studio Portrait Photography Masterclass breaks down the complex subject of photographic lighting into something you can understand. The focus will be on practical "hands-on" techniques that Padraic has developed for his unique photography styles. 



Light is the key element in effective and meaningful portraits and this workshop shows you the tools you need and provides essential lighting techniques. Light defines the mood, the form, the texture and sets the stage for the essence of the subject to shine through. 

This hands-on workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Lighting Ratios – This dynamic lighting workshop is designed to help you master the use of strobe lighting to achieve outstanding portraits. You will increase your lighting skills by using a variety of lighting equipment and understanding how they best work in combination.
  • Quality of light – Padraic will demonstrate a variety of techniques with multiple light set ups, high key and low key lighting and using beauty dishes. The quality and direction of light, matched with our subject and composition, defines the overall effect of the image, whether it’s soft and warm or bold and graphic. You will gain an in-depth understanding of lighting techniques and the quality of light to improve the impact of your photographs. 
  • Depth of light – Altering the shadows by use of reflectors and fill lights. 
  • Lighting Styles – Padraic will teach you how to “Light” the portrait by utilizing a variety of modifiers to create dramatic and unique Images. He will demonstrate how he has developed and refined his different lighting styles. Through his techniques you can unlock your creative instincts and make evocative and powerful images. 


 What's Included

  • 2 day masterclass (Limited to 20 Places)
  • The Deasy Photographic handbook, which will be extensively used throughout the day as a point of reference.
  • Lighting Document with full lighting diagrams and lighting modifer effects.
  • Snacks and Lunch will also be provided on both days.

What Photographers are Saying about Padraic & Sonia Deasy:

"When I’m having a hard time getting American students to understand the intricacies of branding, I turn to the website of Padraic and Sonia Deasy to illustrate one of the best examples anywhere in the world of how to create a meaningful, memorable brand: This is powerfully evident from the moment you step into their studio or visit their website.

They’ve done a masterful job of creating an exceptional line of products that is perfect for their target market; their marketing is spot on; their studio facilities further extend the brand; and the client experience they and their staff provide is designed to assure client loyalty. Deasy Photographic is very simply a text-book case on how to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment. Any photographer who wants to do it right would be fortunate indeed to learn from Padraic and Sonia".  Ann Monteith, Pennsylvania, USA; photographer, teacher, author; past-president, Professional Photographers of America

 Who Are Padraic & Sonia Deasy
Husband and wife & parents to five young children, Padraic and Sonia Deasy together run Deasy Photographic Ireland’s leading portrait studio. They have been Featured Photographers in Professional Photographer Magazine, Range Finder and many more publications throughout the world. 
 They run an award winning portrait studio that specializes  in family and children’s portraits. More recently they have been awarded a Fellowship in portrait photography the title of “European Portrait Photographers of the Year 2010-2011”, “Irish Professional Photographer of the year 2011” and are in demand as International photography Speakers on the business model they have developed for their portrait studio. Coming

at Allison Tyler Jones Studio Phoenix, USA
166 West Main Suite
Mesa, United States

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