3 Replies to “Essentials of Social Networking – Social Media Marketing with Lindsay Adler”

  1. The reputation part is extremely important, you definitely would not want your online reputation ruin your credibility, Especially in Social Media, that can lead to disastrous results in your campaign.

  2. It’s a must to build a strong reputation online and social media sites can greatly help with this. The problem with many people is that they focus too much in getting a lot of fans and followers that they forget to engage with them so they can keep these people as their audiences. As a result, they get many unlikes and unfollows.

  3. @busiiee I’ve started to pull in some serious cash… best day so far was $2900. If you don’t find the right niche you won’t get anywhere. This course explains it all => bit.ly/TG1nCo?=rlpxvz

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