Ethics of Seeing Bing – Ep: 29

So in this video I struggle with the ethics of putting Bing in these videos under “grey” pretenses. Luckily Caroline was there to help me out with this. Remember to like, favorite, and share. Start from the beginning – Check out the merch at Twitter – Tumblr – Facebook – Google + – ——- The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a modernized adaptation of the classic Jane Austen novel, Pride and Prejudice. The series is created by Hank Green and Bernie Su. See more details at Lizzie Bennet – Ashley Clements – http Bing Lee – Christopher Sean – Caroline Lee – Jessica Jade Anders – Executive Producer – Hank Green – Executive Producer – Bernie Su – Producer – Jenni Powell – Co-Executive Producer – Margaret Dunlap – Director – Bernie Su – Writer – Anne Toole – Cinematography – Jason Raswant Assistant Director – Stuart Davis – Editor – Hank Green – Transmedia Producer – Jay Bushman – Intro Music and Graphics – Michael Aranda – Makeup – Heather Begley Production Designer – Katie Moest – “Pride and Prejudice” “Lizzie Bennet Diaries” LizzieBennetDiaries literature “lizzie bennet” “elizabeth bennet” “lizzy bennet” funny fashion vlog fiction sisters friends friendship love vidcon romance talk “Pride And Prejudice (Book)” “Pride And

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25 Responses to Ethics of Seeing Bing – Ep: 29

  1. Faldrick says:

    There was a slip up. When Lizzie is on the phone you can clearly see she isn’t calling anyone – in fact, it looks like the texting screen is up for a second. Little details matter!

  2. Genesis Sandoval says:


  3. Lucia Bellanger says:

    omg i lol’d at the van down by the river reference adksjhs

  4. awesomeofrassilon says:

    oh my gosh! “living in a van down by the river!” CLASSIC

  5. Rin C says:

    Caroline’s hair is irritating me. I can’t see her face!

  6. AMidsummerSolstice says:

    … irrelephant.

  7. Bookaddict95 says:

    was the period romance Pride and Prejudice??

  8. meowzer13 says:

    This is irrelevant, but everyone has really perfect hair.

  9. Kristina Johnson says:

    her…with the elephant…I died

  10. Trisha Lynn says:

    Caroline is *too* freaking gorgeous!

  11. Wesley Pennock says:

    Hank Green literary genius

  12. josiesauruss says:

    the dialogue with the elephant is like everygirls comments on the last video

  13. Emily Ward says:


  14. AnbuNinjaXIII says:

    Caroline’s face in this video is the best thing.

  15. lilymakesmusic says:

    omfg im actually wearing the same dress as lizzie while re-watching this :O this excites me a whole lot more than it probably should

  16. heahashemi says:

    Bing is still gorgeous

  17. ChaiTeaProductions14 says:

    Where is the gif set of Lizzie’s rant?

  18. ChaiTeaProductions14 says:

    Where is the gig

  19. JuliaAndQuihn says:


  20. DreamingOfFlight says:

    Caroline’s face throughout Lizzie’s little dialogue…..

  21. junglekiity says:

    Can I imagine that the period romance was not Caroline’s and was, in fact, Darcy’s? ‘Cuz I like the idea of him being cool enough to not be flustered by gender norms.

  22. Sean Jones says:


  23. trasslaren says:

    Somehow Caroline and Lizzie are alike, they are both very sarcastic. They are both kind of pessimistic about the world it seems, Caroline scorns Bing for his niceness, Lizzie does not believe that she will be able to get a job from hereducation. But Lizzie is more idealistic i believe. She still decided to study what she was passionate about, Caroline seems more practical. She semms like her opinion is that the world is though so you need to be on top. Lizzie seems to want to change the world.

  24. Krystal Ruhl says:

    Chris Farley reference for the win!

  25. RachelFinston says:

    Ah he did! Bing is a Nerdfighter.

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