Etsy Selling 1.0: The Basics of Your New Etsy Shop at The Barn

Etsy Selling 1.0: The Basics of Your New Etsy Shop at The Barn
Event on 2013-05-15 18:30:00

What is Is it for me?

How do I get started and establish my shop on Etsy?

What are the most important tools for selling?

How do I make my work look its best?

Etsy Shop 1.0: How-To Workshop for Building Your Etsy Shop and Selling Online

As an artist, you would like to find new ways to use digital media to sell your work. Larry Watson is a ceramic artist of 24 years who sells on Etsy. 

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This is a 2.5 hour workshop with illustrations and lots of time for Questions and Answers.

  • -There are 15 million buyers on, and you may be an artist who would love to open your own shop.
  • -This course solves the problem of HOW to set up an Etsy shop that will actually sell work and products.
  • -This course will not only give the tools to sell, but it will teach how to make money! (No need to spend years with trial and error – Larry will teach you what he learned and help you make your Etsy business a money maker!)

Subjects in the Workshop will include:

  • -Photography that sells
  • -Taking credit cards
  • -Promotion
  • -Social Media marketing
  • -Shipping made easy
  • -Shop profile and About Us pages that draw in buyers

The purpose of this workshop is that it is a Starter Package for, and gives you the information you need to set up and Open your unique shop.

Register here or call Larry at 859 635-5599

at The Barn
6980 Cambridge Ave
Cincinnati, United States

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