euronews futuris – Robots on the borderline Protecting maritime and land borders is a daily challenge for Europe. Researchers have been examining how to use lasers, gamma rays and neutron beams to address that challenge. This is how some new robots are being peacefully engaged on Europe’s last frontier of border protection. Some very unusual research tools have been arriving in a picturesque port along the Croatian coast. “This is an airplane bomb. And there is a variety of different bombs like this along the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean,” explained nuclear physicist Vladivoj Valković. They are in fact fake bombs and present no real risk, even if they contain everything needed to make dynamite. “Hydrogen, carbon, oxygen and nitrogen. TNT has only these four elements. So it is easy to make a simulated bomb preserving the proportion of these four elements,” said Valković. The dummy bombs are being used to test a submarine able to identify underwater explosives. The prototype has been designed by scientists at a European Union research project aimed at improving security near Europe’s key maritime infrastructures and along sea routes. “If there are reports of an unidentified object lying on the sea floor, or being attached to a bridge or any other maritime infrastructural element, you can send our surveyor. It will approach the object, position itself, do the measurements, report the results to the mother ship and then move away. The results of the inspection
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