Europe: Google Local vs. Google Local for mobile

Europe: Google Local vs. Google Local for mobile

Image by keepthebyte
funny – the mobile version of Google Local has much more information (street map) in Europe compared with the web version. Announcements soon?

3 thoughts on “Europe: Google Local vs. Google Local for mobile

  1. What did you search with the phone to get that image? Trying with french addresses here at office, with no results… yet, they seem to have road maps for France, Italy and Germany, though not Switzerland…

  2. You’r right – search doesn’t work. I was surprised to see that they are running the two services from different map servers (or at least with different output). Google Local for Europe Mainland is overdue anyway. I guess one of the issues they have are the large amount of Yellow Pages companies they have to deal with in order to cover whole Europe and the money to spend to geo-code all businesses addresses.

  3. So, how did you get that image on your phone? We tried a search in Google Local for Dover, then we zoomed out and crossed the channel, but we got no detail for the Calais area in France… And, if I may ask one thing more: given that you can see France, Germany and Italy there, how about Spain? Does it show details or is it blank as Switzerland? Thanks in advance.

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