European Cyber Security Group Founded to Combat Cybercrime

Delft, The Netherlands (PRWEB) April 22, 2013

A group of independent firms today announced they have banded together to form the European Cyber Security Group (ECSG), a private consortium formed in response to the growing need for increased collaboration across borders to address the growing threats to Europes cyber security. The founding members of the ECSG include Danish CSIS, Dutch Fox-IT, French Lexsi, and Spanish S21sec.

While every country in Europe has an agency dedicated to the mission of securing its electronic borders, cooperation between countries is rare, making efforts to protect citizens and prosecute perpetrators increasingly difficult. ECSG seeks to address this through a combination of partnership and advocacy, using the combined strength of its more than 600 cyber security experts to respond in a rapid and efficient manner. By tackling Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) engagements as partners, they each bring their firms uniqueness to bear to deliver faster and more complete services in agile ways that a single, large organization simply cannot.

In addition, ECSG can utilize its front-line experience to advise governments, corporations and regulators on more effective and practical cyber defence policy issues, risk prevention and mitigation practices, and cross-border information sharing, thus reducing the effects of cybercrime across Europe.

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