Europe's Google Problem

Europe's Google Problem
Everyone there already knows what Gafa stands for: Google-Apple-Facebook-Amazon. In America, we tend to think of these companies as four distinct entities that compete fiercely with each other. But, in Europe, which lacks a single Internet company of …
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Google Project Fi: Reasons To Love And Hate It
Google's Project Fi wireless service wouldn't be all that noticeable if it wasn't a Google project. In price, it mirrors many smaller wireless carriers. In technology, it is more convenient other offerings, but hardly a game changer. But the fact that …
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Now Google Can Tell You Whether Your Fashion Sense is Trending
Google distinguishes in the report between “sustained growth” and “seasonal growth” trends, like emoji shirts and kale sweatshirts. According to the report, peplum dresses and string bikinis are on their way out for good, while skinny jeans and corset …
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