Europes Leading Internet and Digital Marketing Conference Reaches Global Scale

New York, U.S. (PRWEB) May 03, 2013

The worlds leading email marketing service provider Mailigen, one of the main sponsors, gives marketers from all over the world the opportunity to attend the conference online for a price especially affordable for start-ups and small businesses. An application for the two-day online conference is available on the iLive website: This was originally started as a Europe oriented conference, but the 3rd annual iLive 2013 conference will be available online for the 2nd time; therefore, exceeding Europes limits and reaching a global audience.

This major online event brings together numerous world leading Internet marketing experts:

Perry Marshall, worlds leading Google advertising expert;

Dr. Dave Chaffey, Smart Insights co-founder and CEO;

Dr. Karl Blanks, Conversion Rate Experts co-founder and conversion expert;

Andy Atkins-Krueger, Web Certain Group CEO and co-founder of International SEO school;

Kath Pay, Plan To Engage Email and Digital Marketing Expert;

Dietmar Dahmen, Dietmar Dahmen CEO and Digital Brand Expert;

Graham Jones, Graham Jones CEO and Internet Psychologist.

Because I need to keep up-to-date across all of digital marketing, I can advise on all areas of digital marketing from strategy to the tactics. My biggest passion within digital marketing is content marketing since effective content marketing helps to build brands using all the channels like search and social media marketing and email marketing, and also helps to get better conversion rates, says Dr. Dave Chaffey, the CEO and co-founder of digital marketing and advice publisher at Smart; the best known professional speaker in the world and the speaker at the iLive 2013 conference.

The main theme of the online conference is about conversion analytics and optimization. The above mentioned experts will cover todays hottest marketing topics: digital and Internet marketing strategy, website conversion and profitability, analysis of Internet marketing results, global SEO and the role of content, Internet business psychology, brand positioning, AdWords advertising, email marketing, social media measurement and ROI, case studies etc.

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