EventPermits Provides Support for Gillettes Kiss and Tell Event in New York

Hoboken, NJ (PRWEB) February 04, 2013

With the help of EventPermits, Gillette launched its Kiss and Tell promotional event tour in Times Square in New York on January 16. The event, which was hosted by actress and musician Nikki Reed, asked couples passing by to participate in some spontaneous market research by kissing before and after the men received a complementary shave. Gillettes Kiss and Tell event featured kissing booths and a heated tent. These features were made possible by the EventPermits team, which supported the event by securing all of the necessary permits, licensing and security. These included a generator permit (required for the generator used to heat the tent), sidewalk permit, the site license, and security by D. Sterling, all of which were necessary for the event to run smoothly.

The goal of this event, as well as that of the subsequent event tour, was to promote Gillettes brand through testing the results of a recent study conducted by Braun Research Incorporated that found that women avoid kissing men with facial hair, especially if they have short stubble. The study found that over half of women experience painful scraping while kissing men with stubble, with some even experiencing skin rashes afterwards. It also found that a third of women avoid kissing men with facial hair altogether.

“It was a fun, exciting event that we were proud to help execute,” says Stella Fitzpatrick, event manager of EventPermits.

EventPermits cuts through the red tape of the special event process, working as a behind-the-scenes support team, exclusively with, and on behalf of their advertising, public relations and event marketing agency clients, in order to secure prime locations and the necessary permits for successful special events from coast to coast. Based in Hoboken, New Jersey, and the New York City metro area, EventPermits also has fully staffed offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans, San Francisco and Toronto. To obtain a quote, visit http://www.eventpermits.com or contact Stella Fitzpatrick by telephone at (201) 223-1602.

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