Everspark Interactive Comments on Instagram Video

(PRWEB) July 09, 2013

Instagram fulfilled many of its users’ wishes last week when it rolled out a long awaited feature, the ability to share videos. While the feature has seen warm reception, video marketing leader Jason Hennessey says that it doesn’t change business as usual online.

Instagram has long been among the most popular social apps for sharing pictures, both because of the artsy filters it applies to photos and because it’s easy to use. Owned by Facebook, it’s recently been eclipsed by Twitter-owned Vine, an app that offers similar functionality for short videos.

Hennessey is the founder of Everspark Interactive, an Atlanta SEO and internet marketing firm. Everspark has increasingly focused its efforts on video marketing, but Hennessey says the new feature is well designed but not innovative.

Video on Instagram is easy to use and I’m sure it will keep them in the top ranks of social media apps, Hennessey said.

Vine has made its name by letting users quickly share videos as long as they’re six seconds long or less, similar to 140 character tweets of text. Video on Instagram lifts the limit to 15 seconds and offers filters to change the visual look of the video. Other than that, Hennessey says, Video on Instagram is the same service.

They had to do it to stay competitive, Hennessey said. Video is an engaging medium that’s why we use it to rocket our clients to success. This new platform is useful.”

About Everspark:

Everspark Interactive is an Atlanta SEO company and internet marketing firm. With a hand picked team of the brightest marketing minds in the country, Everspark creates gripping, engaging content that drives web traffic and dominates search engines. They can be reached at (770) 481-1766 or eversparkinteractive.com.

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