EverSpark’s Jason Hennessey to Speak at Legal Conference

(PRWEB) October 03, 2013

EverSpark Interactive is sending its top officers to the the National Association of Criminal Defense Laywers’ (NACDL) drunk driving conference this week, and co-founder Jason Hennessey is on the speaker list. The Atlanta-based internet marketing firm has made its name boosting law firms’ online presence.

Hennessey will teach attorneys the basic steps needed to move a firm to the top of local search results, essentially putting their name in front of more potential clients.

The conference, dubbed DWI Means Defend With Ingenuity, is the largest gathering of DUI defense lawyers in the country, according to the NACDL (09.29.2013). It features seminar-style training from leading attorneys on both the science and the strategies of drunk driving defense.

Hennessey says that field is one of the most competitive in the legal profession.

Drunk driving laws catch a huge number of people who aren’t what you’d consider criminals, Hennessey said. That makes it a burgeoning field for defense lawyers, but it also makes it hard to stand out from so many other firms.

Hennessey says that a winning trial record is not always enough to keep a steady flow of clients.

Let’s say your competitor has a poor case record, but they’re the first firm that shows up on Google, he said. Your firm does better work, but you’re down on page 13. Who’s going to get the client?

But a combination of search engine optimization and strong web content can move a firm to the top, Hennessey says. EverSpark does exactly that for dozens of firms across the country.

Most firms aren’t using videos the way they could to drive traffic, Hennessey said. And many are using outdated SEO methods that Google will actually penalize you for. We’re going to show them how to go big.

The seminar is October 3 5. EverSpark will have a booth throughout the event.

About EverSpark:

EverSpark Interactive is an all-in-one SEO, marketing and online media firm that specializes in creating gripping, keyword-laden copy that will attract attention from both search engines and live customers. The company can be reached at (770) 481-1766.

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