Evil Dead—World Premiere & Review (Indy Mogul at SXSW Film Festival)

Evil Dead—World Premiere & Review (Indy Mogul at SXSW Film Festival)

Hear Griffin & Russell’s review of the world premiere of “Evil Dead” at the 2013 SXSW Film Festival!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses to Evil Dead—World Premiere & Review (Indy Mogul at SXSW Film Festival)

  1. Disgruntld Munky says:

    Or, it goes like this “We’re renting a cabin just up ahead.” Ash gets a look of horror on his face, the camera pans in slowly, suspenseful music plays, then… Ash smiles like the crazy man he is and says “Welp, good luck with that!”

  2. Jae Lee says:

    I saw it with around 100 people, but none of them made a sound during the film!!! 

  3. Young Mechi says:

    It was not scary AT ALL-_-

  4. CrazyKaneFighter says:

    let me vent. the original wasn’t a comedy, the main character wasn’t a crackhead, in the original movie the characters were smarter,, when that girl attacked the 1st time they locked the cellar up right away not after the 2nd time and they never willingly went down there. what was the purpose of bringing the dog in the movie? to kill it off? really? Also Deadites don’t die that easily.

  5. mrgrimmdante says:

    When I saw it I had to sleep in my parents bed and im 25

  6. XxHXCGANGSTAxX says:


  7. Josh Storey says:

    what does he say at about 0:45 ??

  8. amccull254 says:

    lmao. i like that cameo skaterboy..

  9. Ck Kaneaster says:

    I wanna see this movie soooo bad!!!!

  10. ghales705 says:

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  11. wratched says:

    God. I never realised Bruce Campbell was slowly turning into Mitt Romney.

  12. Zaki Loucif says:

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  13. olifiggsify says:

    I’m so fucking excited! I’ve been waiting for a good horror film to come out so I can see it in theaters, and I think this is it!

  14. Nightingale417 says:

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  15. twistedcavitypro says:

    nice thumbnail

  16. TheImbored101 says:

    brilliance @skaterboy99100

  17. pondguru says:

    And lo, Jesus cast his eyes upon the Evil Dead. Jesus wept…. ….tears of joy and thus proclaimed “Dude, this film is awesome”.

  18. neoray10 says:

    when exactly is it releasing world wide? how did you get the different audio effect for sxsw intro ?

  19. izshecrazy says:

    What does that have to do with Evil Dead?

  20. DavidDJ1316 says:

    in spanish posesión infernal

  21. cjankm says:

    everyone’s a fucking critic!!

  22. ThatKnownKid says:

    Dead Snow > Evil Dead. Do you even lift?

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