Evo Girls and Evo Girls ARMY #EVOEXPO

Evo Girls and Evo Girls ARMY #EVOEXPO
Event on 2015-04-22 09:30:00

Evo Girls and Evo Girls ARMY


9:30am to 2:30pm

Crèche available at extra cost

ALL ARE WELCOME – Sole Traders to SME’s – Male or Female!

In attendance with Invicta Chamber of Commerce and The Federation of Small Businesses




Including Buffet Lunch with facilitated Networking with Rebecca Robertson

Additional crèche cost of £20 per child for 5 hour high quality child care. – Separate room within the grounds, CRB and Ofsted checked




Karen Wisdom from Wisdom Marketing on Twitter:

This workshop is for those who are on Twitter but are really unsure how to make it work for their business.   If you haven’t used Twitter before we recommend you set up a profile and ask your business contacts for their @ profile names so you can follow them.

On the workshop Karen will cover: Finding and following others, posting Tweets, hashtags and how to use them, how to structure a good Tweet, Twitter etiquette and tips, advanced Twitter, research and audience-building, Twitter Lists, #FFs, follow ladders and Tweet Ups, measuring performance, management tools, good practice example, advanced Twitter tips


Jane Ollis from Rift Accountancy on:

How to handle problems with HMRC (e.g. fines, penalties, other legal issues)


With fines, surcharges and other penalties lurking behind every possible mistake when it comes to tax and financial regulations, you've got to get it right the first time, every time.


Ask us any questions you have about Self Assessment, VAT, PAYE, National Insurance, offshore or any other tax matters and we’ll help you to make sure that you never get any nasty surprises. If you’ve got current problems with fines and penalties, or have had them in the past, we can show the way out of trouble and teach you all that you need to make sure it never happens again.

Rebecca Robertson from Evolution for Women and Jane Ollis from Rift Accountancy on:

How to manage your business and personal cashflow!

Ah! Cash flow! The one thing that as business owners we really need to keep a handle on, often we are busy running our businesses that our cash flow can be put on the back burner, but it is the first to burn us back if we don’t keep an eye on it. This workshop session will sharing practical tips from financial experts on how you manage your business and personal cash flow to avoid the stress and keep you head above water.

Business Planning

Having a business plan when you first start up is something we all need to have but our businesses move so fast that is hard to keep up with it and really focus on our larger growth goals.

This workshop session you will be able to assess your goals and put together a business plan for the remaining of the year which you can continuously refer to and use as a business tool either week by week or month by month.

Andrea Beadle – Heart Business Academy on:

Essential things you should know about setting up a website (or getting a new website)

So many people start a business and jump into having a website done before they are really even clear about what their business is or how their website should support their business. They end up with a brochure site that doesn’t actually do any work for them. This session aims to educate you on the most common mistakes people make so that you can make your website work harder for you, by covering the following:

The most common pitfalls to avoid, free vs paid options, DIY vs Using a Web Designer, questions to ask your web designer, what platform should I use, why WordPress might be a good option for you, essential content for your website

Taking your website to the next level

If you want to take your business to the next level you need a plan for how your website can be used to leverage your time, automate some or most of your time consuming tasks and bring in a passive income. This session aims to show you how your website can do some of the hard work for you as well as seeing how you can monetise your existing skills and knowledge.

  • SEO, what Google is looking for and how to give it what it wants whilst delighting your potential clients

  • Using your website to automate time consuming tasks

  • How what you know is your greatest asset

  • Digital products, membership site, passive income and more ….


at The Burlington Hotel
3-5 Earls Avenue
Folkestone, United Kingdom

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