Evolution of B0aty | Day 15

Dagannoths are not my friend. Friends chat = ‘B0aty’ Intro was created by: www.youtube.com Intro Song: Michael Calfan – Resurrection (Axwell’s Recut Radio Edit) [Cover Art Video] Intro Song Link: www.youtube.com Outro was created by www.youtube.com Outro Song: Madeon – Finale Outro Song Link : www.youtube.com

15 thoughts on “Evolution of B0aty | Day 15

  1. Type up ‘sowreck3d’ on youtube and watch his video on the petition to bring back old RuneScape! Sign the petition. Spread the word too. 13k+ votes so far, 25k needed (in total).

  2. he plays private servers that he enjoys. He uploads videos of him playing on private servers, they get good ratings. B0aty could quit RS and just make private server videos and keep a large audience

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