Evolution Of Dance by NAO Robot

TheAMazel presents: Evolution Of Dance by NAO based on Judson Laipply show animated by Valentin NAO is a product from: aldebaran-robotics.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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13 Responses to Evolution Of Dance by NAO Robot

  1. TheEIiteOne says:

    This robot is over $15,000 ???? WHAT!!!

  2. nicholas james says:

    How long before a robot can do all these moves as originally intended?

  3. Christian Cadigan says:

    he can look it up

  4. 07aneale says:

    That’s uncanny

  5. YUGIOHhaVoc13 says:

    Wtf a robot cant do the robot right?

  6. panter244 says:

    So cool good job

  7. vladbb59rus says:


  8. MONEYM0NDAY says:

    I don’t know he seems a bit… robotic on the dance floor but a solid performance.

  9. warewolf9002 says:

    Programmer did a very good job not easy to get everything in but he sure did.

  10. alec farai says:

    a robot doing the robot coooooooool :)

  11. alec farai says:

    elvis reaaly :/

  12. Redouan Djeebet says:

    this is amazing!

  13. annhilator720 says:


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