Evzdrops Real-Time Commentary Feature Enhances Mobile Apps Social Capabilities for Users and Authorized Businesses

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 07, 2013

Evzdrop, a location-based mobile app and Web platform that connects people to places in real time, is unveiling its new commentary feature, which allows users and authorized businesses to become part of the conversation by asking questions or making comments in response to others real-time posts. The new feature is included in version 1.2 of the app, released today.

Using the Evzdrop app for iPhone and Android, people can follow and eavesdrop on places of interest through people on site who post, or Drop, about their experience. After being location-verified, a user can Drop from places such as stadiums, restaurants, bars, hotels, retail stores and airports to share their opinions, experiences and real-time reviews with both the Evzdrop community and the businesses tuned into their feedback.

The new version of Evzdrop allows users to instantly become a part of the conversation by making comments and responding to others Drops in real time. Users do not have to be on site to comment on a Drop, and those who comment and have previously Dropped at the place will carry a badge of experience referred to as a DropCheck next to their comment.

With the introduction of commentary, we enable new interaction between our users that will lead to new discoveries, insights and knowledge through the common interest of place, said David Rush, Ezvdrops co-founder and CEO. Being able to ask questions, clarify and share expertise will enhance the experience for all users.

The new commentary feature also gives businesses a new way to communicate with customers in real time to avoid many of the headaches and misrepresentations associated with traditional review sites and antiquated research methods.

By giving authorized business users a way to instantly interact with customers who are still there, we are creating a real-time communication channel to help drive retention and deepen customer relationships, said Rush. With the introduction of our new commentary feature, businesses have the opportunity to engage their customers and respond more quickly to both positive and negative sentiment.

Key features of Evzdrop 1.2:

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