Ex-Satanist Exposes Illuminati Card Game and the NWO (Part 2 of 2).flv

Ex-Satanist Exposes Illuminati Card Game and the NWO Top 100 websites before 1990 http://www.dailygyan.com/2008/07/100-most-oldest-websites-in-intenet.html M…

14 thoughts on “Ex-Satanist Exposes Illuminati Card Game and the NWO (Part 2 of 2).flv

  1. If I may say so, I was in the same boat once. I thought the same thing…this was back in the early 1990’s. Be at peace, and find your place at G-d’s side. No matter what happens, He will not let you down. Whatever happens, be strong!

  2. This ex Satanist is full of crap, if you really analyze him he is only trying to put fear in people. I am not saying that most of this isn’t true. He is not true. Red Chem trails? cmon man what do you think we are? stupid?

  3. While most people are afraid im at peace at 23 years old, honestly I can’t see myself making it to 30 years old because I beleive the end of days are truly here and in the next seven years the world will be at the tipping point but im at peace because I know god is rea

  4. I used to be afraid when I saw things like this but I have come to realize nothing happens without God’s knowledge. The thing that satan knows that his followers don’t is that they are fighting a losing battle. Satan already knows his fate he just doesn’t wanna face it alone. That’s where the saying misery loves company comes into play. He knows his fate is the pit he’s just trying to take as many with him as possible. I’m no longer afraid. I am afraid for the satanists though.

  5. There will be tribulation. If you miss the rapture, and you accept Jesus and commit your life fully to Him, you will be saved. You will have to deny the mark of the beast, which will most likely mean you will be killed for your faith. Still better than taking the mark and bound for hell anyway. Your best bet is to get right now and seek God with your whole heart. It is going to be the worst times the earth has ever seen. Now is the best time to get saved. No man knows what tomorrow will bring.

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