Exam cheating technology in japan

Wow!!! master of cheating!!!
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  1. Roberto Perez says:

    The New York State Senate unanimously adopted a resolution condemning Japan’s wartime mobilization of Asian sex slaves for the Imperial Army. Oooops …

  2. KidCorporate says:

    My friend is a student teacher for college biology and she has to watch the Asian students in her classes like a hawk, the Chinese in particular. “Nobody cheats like the Chinese,” she says.

  3. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    Test scores in Asia are so high because they’re all cheating off each other.

  4. Raindropharmony says:

    Cheating looks like such a hassle, studying would be easier lol

  5. Alexis Gilson says:

    ça part de plus en plus en couille haha

  6. Mayte Veerman says:


  7. Aaditya Shukla says:

    That fracture guy is funny

  8. neon287 says:

    Ironically i should be studying for my chem test tomorrow but instead i’m watching this

  9. Hiwired96 says:

    -_- not what I expected

  10. Romaan Sayed says:

    They call it “Technology” ? !!

  11. YelloWhiteFlowers says:

    @kionkobe Her name is namie amuro, very amazing singer as well. You should check out her songs.

  12. YelloWhiteFlowers says:

    Isn’t that namie amuro

  13. RedtheDreadHead says:

    3:19 xD

  14. RedtheDreadHead says:

    3:11 ちぇ!!

  15. garyjaybaena says:

    block out

  16. kionkobe says:

    This is so hilarious! But the girl in this video is quite cute though!

  17. artmediaz says:

    4:30 am studying for an exam in a few hours and I’m watching this =T

  18. bora özgener says:

    what a eye.. 

  19. Itamioshire says:

    This is not ture and stupid

  20. lim chuin foong says:


  21. Pamela NeLa says:

    I am Asian and not an overachiever LOL!

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