Excel VBA – Get Stock Quotes from Yahoo Finance API

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15 thoughts on “Excel VBA – Get Stock Quotes from Yahoo Finance API

  1. Hey I was wondering if there was a way to have the workbook autoupdate only cells that have changes as they change so it is an entirely dynamic workbook, and so I can use it as I create a self-adjusting mean-variance portfolio.

  2. Outstanding! Simple and clear…I have been looking for this foundation for a long time…Really like how your download allows me right out of the “box” simply to add a stock symbol for the other data to get populated…Conditioning formatting, adding columns for calculations, and Freezing the top row jazzed it up even more for what I want…I hope you do another video adding even more stuff

  3. Thanks Brett for a great video tutorial but I would confess, it’s still way technical for me. Instead of creating one, I chose to download your YahooStocks.xlsm. When I tried to open it, it says, “This workbook includes content that is not supported by Excel for Mac 2011” then a line below it says “Active X.” Do you have a solution for this? Thanks ahead.

  4. hi Brett, Good after noon wonder ful tutorial video. i would like to ask you which course did u do to learn VBA. Thanks and Happy new year in advance bye.

  5. Do you know how i might be able to loop by the value within a cell rather than the cell location. so i want to loop that will go through cells with the value of 1, 2 and 3 aposed to cells with location .range(“B” & i) where i is from 1 – 3.

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