Exclusive Footage – VSS Enterprise, First Manned Free Flight

Exclusive footage of VSS Enterprise as she is released from her mothership, VMS Eve and glides fantastically back down to Mojave Space Port For more information or to enquire about bookings please visit www.virgingalactic.com

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  1. Actually sub orbital just means a flight into space where the trajectory intersects the parent body. Actually getting into orbit is not that hard if you enter orbit from a two-stage launch however the spaceshiptwo does not have any OMS needed to properly instert and maintain an orbit which is not as hard as exiting orbit. It could be done relatively cheaply but for safety reasons it is not worth it.

  2. Yes I agree but , you go one step at the time!! if you want to make the space travel cheap and commercial , from people space tourist , to many scientist , and more workers up to space!! I thing they will find a way soon!! for cheap travel!! many ideas is at labs right now!! need time, work , passion and money to do it!! money its easy to find ! find the others!!

  3. SandustanBrasov Thus, the universal vehicle will contains: 1).-the body strenght frame; 2).-the thermonuclear controlled reactor; 3).-coolling devices; 4).-reactive electromagnetic motors for drive force and for orientation. At this vehicle, with the steering-wheel or separate commands aid, we direct motors’ traction force on any displacement way. The possibilitiys of adaptation and using such vehicles are unlimited in any domain: transport, energy, mining, agriculture,building, dwellings…

  4. • SandustanBrasov The magnetic field produced by superconductor coil, is transformed in electromagnetic field which can evolve in space and will produce the reaction force. The superconductive coil will be supplyed with permanet current at 35…40 kV. This motor is an antigravitational motor, but this will constitute the principal device- indispensable -in the realization the magnetic trap for the thermonuclear controlled reactor!

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