Exclusive GROUND FLOOR & UNIQUE Business Opportunity Reopening NOW!

Exclusive GROUND FLOOR & UNIQUE Business Opportunity Reopening NOW!
Event on 2017-05-04 19:30:00
How To Build A UNIQUE & PROFITABLE Business (Partnering with 3 very experienced entrepreneurs) and leverage on Facebook Marketing! Would you be keen to involve with Unique ground-floor business opportunity focusing on the great product (highly popular) which is now over 70 countries worldwide or be appointed distributor by a listed company who only recently won FORBES Top 200 Asian Companies under USbillion, plus learn how to do this business effectively online (absolutely FREE training will be included, on a first come first serve basis)?If your answer is "YES"! Please read on… How Big Is The Health & Wellness Industry? Why Do You Want To Tap Into This Industry? Take a look at what the World Renowned Economist – Paul Zane Pilzer, projected 5 years ago. And indeed, it is a Trillion Dollar Industry, and in fact 3 times larger than the world pharmaceutical industry.  In this book, Pilzer explains why the Wellness Industry will soon exceed both the Internet and the existing healthcare business as the next trillion-dollar opportunity in the United States.         Here Is The Deal!You will have a chance to partner with 3 very experienced businessmen/entrepreneurs (multi-millionaires) from different backgrounds, a strategic partnership that cannot fail…only out to do good. 1. Founder of all time popular, award-winning (hot selling) product, people call it "miracle bar", some call it "wonder bar". Won a few Entrepreneur Awards and also featured in Channel News Asia. Millions of bars already sold worldwide (over 70 countries globally know and love it), and also hugely successful in Singapore and Malaysia. 2. Founder of a unique and hopeful product over the dreadful disease. Be part of the community to spread the awareness and help many people who were struck down with this horrible disease. Be appointed distributor by this listed company who only recently won FORBES Top 200 Asian Companies under USbillion. 3. Experienced, renowned and highly regarded Internet marketing guru who will teach you (FREE) how to leverage the power of the internet to grow your business exponentially. You will be trained on a 1 full day training on Facebook Marketing when you join the business. And this opportunity will only subject to first come first serve basis.  Be the FIRST mover advantage and you could be among the first to ride this EXCLUSIVE Unique business opportunity, and impacting lives and growing a successful business. Unique & Ground-Floor OpportunityThis simply means we are the FIRST people to have the privilege of marketing this business. Otherwise known as 'first mover advantage'. It is somewhat true that the leaders of a business are usually those who took advantage to join early.Grow The Business Using Facebook MarketingThere are many businesses one can embark on, but not all businesses are able to fully harness the power of Facebook Marketing.The most powerful use of Facebook Marketing is for online lead generation. Online lead generation is a marketing technique used to gather people with a specific interest to sign up via an online form to register their interest about a specific product or service.So, apart from word-of-mouth referrals, this business is perfectly suited to fully harness Facebook Marketing for online lead generation.Imagine being able to grow and build a PROFITABLE business by simply leveraging the power of Facebook Marketing! Attend this session with an open-mind. Because this is a rare reopening opportunity.Here what you will Get as BONUS: 1) FREE 1-day Facebook Marketing and Advertising Training conducted by Internet Marketer Guru & trainer (Worth SGD900 value) – Learn how to use Facebook Marketing to GROW YOUR BUSINESS. 2) RIGHT Reason to be mentored by the experienced businessmen/entrepreneurs when you are part of the organization. (Priceless) 3) FREE & Exclusive Dedicated Leader assign to you  (Priceless)- Get help & advice on anything related to the business.- Get support via various channels eg. WhatsApp, FB messenger, FB group. 4) FREE Book (The Science of Getting Rich) for you after you have joined us. Inside this ground breaking book, #1 bestselling author of Click! Work Anytime, Live Anywhere and Dot Com entrepreneur Fabian Lim decodes the secret "recipe" for riches from a book written almost a hundred years ago – The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles. Finally… Start by doing what’s necessary,then do what’s possible, and suddenly you will be doing the impossible. Join us in a short talk to learn what’s necessary, so as to do what’s possible, and the rest, as they say, will be history…Do the impossible and be your own boss in 2017! See you at the event!

at Paya Lebar Square
60 Paya Lebar Road, Paya Lebar Square #11-05 Singapore
Singapore, Singapore

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