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(PRWEB) April 16, 2013

With the mortgage industry gaining momentum again, the need for quality mortgage leads has picked up some stream. has happy to announce it has formed a partnership with one of the nations largest lead producer. Exclusive mortgage leads are not easy to come by, and can be very expensive to buy. The company is excited to announce that their new mortgage lead source is not only providing the best quality mortgage leads but also at a very competitive price. Mortgage loan officer jobs around the US have been gaining in all sectors of the mortgage industry. The mortgage branch opportunities that are available for top producers has many of these branches looking for exclusive mortgage leads to give to their loan officers to close. There are many different types of leads available to mortgage loan officers, from reverse mortgage leads and hot transfer leads are among the most sought after. But some of the mortgage professionals prefer to buy aged leads also. Those leads are generally 24 hour to 60 days old with all days in-between for sale. The prices can range as low as one dollar all the way to 30 or 40 dollars depending on the type of lead, the filters set and the state needed. To learn more about the mortgage leads for sale, or to talk to someone from the company visit,

There are many mortgage lead providers, but unfortunately many provide less than good quality leads and customer service. The truth is there are only a handful of mortgage lead generators, and the rest of the marketing companies and are re-sold by the masses. The company is very happy in its new partnership because they are going straight to the source. This is good news for the company affiliates looking for direction on what leads have the best conversion out there. The company is actively taking new orders for exclusive mortgage leads, but a spokesperson from the company states that the leads are on a first come first serve basis. This means that once they sell out new interested mortgage professionals will have to wait until more leads can be generated. The company does state that many bankers and brokers have had good success with the aged data because loans are taking longer to close, and those that can offer a better rate than the original loan quote can generate deals that way.

The mortgage consulting company works with a professional SEO company to promote its services and the affiliates they work with. There are only so many mortgage leads that can be generated each day in the US every day and the company is glad to be first in line to give to their partners. Many bankers and large brokers are running ads for mortgage loan officer jobs in San Diego and Orange County California because of the large group of seasoned agents. The company has the best of both worlds because they know the mortgage branches hiring and how many leads they need for each agent. To talk to the company about becoming a partner for hiring loan officers or to purchase exclusive mortgage leads or any type of mortgage lead call the company directly for exact pricing.

About the company; Anikim Credit Corp. was started after the mortgage crisis to help struggling loan officers and net branches find mortgage banks that were able to sustain through the tough times. Since then the company has built relationships with banks and brokers throughout the county and helps place originators with the proper places to fund loans.

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